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About Me

Growing up, I dreamed of a career that would allow me to prioritize my love of fitness and make an impact on the lives of others. As a certified personal trainer, I work with clients to help them achieve their personal fitness goals, while keeping them accountable, and teaching them the importance of both balance and consistency to help them to uplevel their lifestyle.

I cater to all fitness levels – with classes ranging from low impact to high intensity, and everything in between. The workouts are unique and customized so that every client is challenged both mentally and physically. I also offer small group classes as well as corporate sessions. Client feedback is often the best marker of success, and I’m proud to say my clients have voted Baltimore’s Best Fitness Instructor through Classpass and Best of Baltimore Personal Trainer Runner Up.

Over the last decade, I have seen growth in my clients both inside and outside of the gym or studio. Many will say they now have a whole new level of confidence in other areas of their lives. It’s clear that lessons of physical and mental strength carried with them outside of the gym as well.

Training clients just like you is a dream come true for me, and I can’t wait to help you find the clarity and strength that working with a seasoned personal trainer provides. I promise every push will be worth it on the path to achieving all your goals.

My certifications include:  AFAA Certified Fitness Trainer, TRX Certified Specialist and ACE Fitness Nutrition Specialist.

Oxy not only creates rock hard abs and a perky tush, but also a community of loving, supportive, and body-positive women I am honored to call my close friends. She got me ready for my wedding and through a PhD and quarantine. There’s no better trainer and relationship builder. I’d recommend her to all, and in fact I do! Give one of her classes a try and I know you’ll be hooked
Vanessa Coffman

Oxy is a true force! As a trainer and as a person, she’s welcoming, funny, and motivating—but she’ll also kick your butt every single time. My favorite thing about Oxy’s classes is the range of activities and methods she incorporates. From barre to sliders to HIIT, in all the years I’ve been taking classes with her, I don’t think we’ve ever repeated a workout, and I’m invariably surprised by the craziness she comes up with. Oxy’s enthusiasm and innovative spirit means exercising is never boring. And even though her workouts are tough, Oxy is always ready with modifications and assistance when you need it. I’m grateful for all her hard work!
Thea Brown

Oxy is an amazing coach, mentor and a friend. Her workouts are bomb… Whether shes teaching barre or boot camps, each class is unique. Everything from the exercises to the music are designed specifically for each class. You will never do the same workout twice. Oxy’s workouts are also intense. She will push you to your limit and then motivate you to go 10 sec longer. She devotes time and attention to every person that steps into her class regardless of experience and level. She has developed a large following and turned it into a community of people that not only share an insterest in physical fitness but also care about each other. Her fun loving personality permeates her classes and rubbs off on everyone who takes them. She is truly the best!
Emily Mcgavisk

I started working out with Oksana almost 6 years ago with the goal of getting in shape for my best friend’s wedding….and little did I know then that it would be one of the best decisions I have ever made. Oksana makes working out fun, but she also makes sure we each push ourselves to be our very best. She is very dedicated to putting together each workout, and has been great about modifying certain exercises based on some back issues I have had. She has created a true family environment in our classes, which she has continued even throughout our virtual classes during the pandemic. I would highly recommend Oksana to anyone looking for a fun, dedicated and caring fitness instructor!
Allison Feldman

I have worked out on and off my whole life. I have never stuck with anything until I met Oksana! Her genuine care for her clients and her hard but fun classes keep me coming back again and again. 3+ years later, I’m still working with her at least 4 times per week. She makes sure it’s never boring or repetitive. I’m 51 and in the best shape of my life!
Kim Bountress

Oxy is always here to brighten our days while kicking our butts. She is by far the most inspiring and fun instructor. I’m so happy to have found her during the pandemic. I have never been in this good of a shape in my life.
Katie Adams

Uplifting, inclusive and energizing. Oxy’s classes are next level. They always challenge me mentally and physically but also make me feel like I’m a part of the team.
Jen Acosta

If you want to have fun working out, get stronger, connect with amazing women, this is where you want to be, in the Fitness by Oxy Club. Oxy programs amazing, always different workouts, helps perfect form, and always pushes you to go harder. I’m so grateful to be a part her community.
Sarah Middletown