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Who We Are

We believe in being unconventional and one of a kind. Our mission is to create an inspiring space for you to reach your goals, connect with others, grow and evolve together. Fitness by Oxy will help you set a path to your version of greatness.

About Me


Fitness by Oxy offers the perfect combination of fitness and nutrition services to get you on the right path to achieving your health goals.

In-Person Sessions

Get up close to the Fitness by Oxy experience and feel the energy and electric vibes from one-on-one sessions, group classes, or team building events.

Online Sessions

Train anywhere, anytime. Access your favorite workouts, recipes, challenges, and fitness secrets that are changing the lives of other women around the world.


Fitness and health are made up of 80% nutrition and 20% exercise. Nutrition is 80% of your results. Eating a healthy, balanced diet is so important when it comes to making real and lasting changes. With Oxy’s nutritional guidance you will learn how to eat well and fuel your body properly to get the results you want and, live a healthier lifestyle.

Group Classes

Find the right class for you at a time that fits your busy schedule. No putting off workouts here. Come join us!

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Barre, Bestie, Bubbly

Barre at the Brewery

Bring your friends and join us for a 60 min barre class at the Brewery. Musically driven full body class designed to strengthen and tone your entire body using low impact, small and controlled movements to develop a strong, long and lean physique. Shake, sip and enjoy time with friends:)

Barre and Brunch Italiano

Join us at for plies, releves and peach perking on the bocce court followed by lunch on the patio.

Your $35 ticket includes a 60-minute barre class, followed by a glass of wine of choice (red, white or bubbles) AND a meal choice of one of the following:

  • salad with grilled chicken
  • veggie panini (with choice of side salad or side fries)
  • pollo saltimbocca panini (with choice of side salad or side fries)
  • muffaletta panini (with choice of side salad or side fries)
  • gnocchi

Free Boot Camp

IT’S OFFICIAL! Sweat in the City is here! Let’s celebrate it with a kickass class. Get your heart pumping, improve your strength and have fun! Start stretching because we’re coming in hot!

Sculpt and Flow

This class is all about moving at a pace that is good for you. Get ready to tone your body as you flow through slow and controlled sequencing that will feel restorative to your muscles.

Suggested weight: 1-5 lbs

Outdoor Boot Camp

Build strength, endurance, core, agility, and mental toughness. AMRAPS, EMOMS, Supersets, Partner Training etc. No two workouts are the same. Level up your workout game.

Sweat, Tone, Slay

Sweat, Tone, Slay is a fun, and music-driven class so you can expect big energy and bigger beat drops with a playlist to motivate you. Move through a challenging workout to elevate your heart rate and sculpt a long and lean physique. Sweat, Tone and Slay towards your transformation.

Suggested weight: 1-5 lbs

Tabata Sweat Fest

This fast and furious HIIT routine will torch calories, spike your heart rate and make your muscles burn in just 20 minutes. If you are unfamiliar with tabata protocol – it’s 20 seconds of all out hard work, followed by 10 seconds of recovery. All-out effort = maximum results.

Suggested Weight: 5-10 lbs

Upper Body Crush

This class utilizes pyramid sets, isolated and compound movements to sculpt, tighten and tone your entire upper body. Build strength and ignite calories with this fun & challenging workout.

Suggested weight: 5 to 20 lbs

Iconic Legs & Booty

The ultimate lower-body thunderclap! Lean out your legs while shaping and lifting your booty. Get ready to be challenged with compound strength moves, core work and high intensity cardio bursts.

Suggested weight: 10 to 20 lbs

Power through plateaus

Build strength

Push to new heights

Unlock the results you want

Personal Training

Fitness by Oxy will create a workout plan that is safe, effective, and designed specifically for you based on your health and fitness goals. You have your goals and the determination and Fitness by Oxy will be there every step of the way to help you conquer them.

Personal Training is your BEST option to maximize results.

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