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Is Eating Before Bed Bad for you?

People tend to say that you shouldn’t eat before bed because it will cause the weight gain. There is no rule when It comes to eating before bed. Its important to concentrate on the foods you are actually consuming. Eating before bed isn’t bad and even has some benefits. The benefits include stabilizing blood sugar levels, helping with muscle recovery, staying asleep throughout the night etc. 

When reaching for that late night snack, make sure it’s packed with nutrients. Here are some great options to choose from: 

  • Yogurt with fruit and granola or nuts
  • Apple with a nut butter
  • Small amount of dark chocolate
  • Warm coconut/almond/oat milk with cinnamon

The foods you want to avoid are heavy, acidic, sugary and spicy food, as well as anything with caffeine. These meals can lead to indigestion, provide poor quality sleep and elevated cortisol levels which can cause weight gain. 

Your goal is to satisfy your hunger and cravings so try choosing foods that maintain a healthy lifestyle.